About Us

Hey everyone! My name is Malina Lee and I am the owner of Sweet Grace, I run this business with the help of my family. Sweet Grace has been my dream since I was a little girl and I opened my doors during the summer of 2020.  I have worked on Sweet Grace behind the scenes for about 2 years and am completely self-taught! When I was little my parents owned a flower farm back home in Hawai'i and ever since then I have been infatuated with florals and that is how I first began creating them with buttercream. The cupcake and cake recipes are all baked from scratch (with the exception of white almond sour cream and red velvet) and I hand wrote the recipes myself. Each cake flavor I put out has likely been tested 20-50 times prior to any of my clients tasting them. I love to create custom orders that fit your tastes, styles, and event themes.  Thank you for your support and love.


Sweet Grace