Let us Make your Wedding Sweeter!


Flavors Fillings Frostings
Vanilla Bean Lemon  Vanilla Buttercream - the outermost layer of all wedding cakes will be covered in this
Pecan Crunch


Raspberry Chocolate Buttercream
Marble (Chocolate & Vanilla) Chocolate Fudge Cream Cheese
Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookies N Cream
Strawberry Blueberry Salted Caramel
Lemon Velvet Pineapple
Cookie Butter
Funfetti Crunch
Red Velvet *
Cookies N Cream
Coconut Cream S'mores - marshmallow fluff, chocolate, graham crackers
White Almond Sour Cream - Wedding Cake * Edible cookie dough - chocolate chip, peanut butter, or funfetti
Hawaiian Passionfruit Curd
Dulce De Leche

* Indicates this cake utilizes a boxed cake mix in its recipe. All other cakes are made completely from scratch.                          

 SWEET GRACE SIGNATURE COLLECTION Please note all signature collection cakes are made as they are listed, they can't be separated or changed. If you'd like to create your own custom combinations please see the list of our frostings, fillings, and frostings above which can be customized. 
Taste of the Tropics  Vanilla Bean Cake, coconut simple syrup, Hawaiian passionfruit curd, Vanilla Bean Buttercream
Razzle Dazzle Raspberry Cake, Lemon Curd, Vanilla Buttercream
Boujee Uji Matcha Cake, Vanilla Bean Ganache, brown sugar buttercream
Bloob Blueberry cake, cream cheese filling, butter graham cracker crumble
Mocha cake, edible chocolate chip cookie dough filling, salted caramel buttercream


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